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Join a prophetic journey into the heart of innovation with the 'Transform Your Ministry with AI Challenge.' Over three spiritually enriching days, discover how artificial intelligence can be your ally in ministry, magnifying your reach and deepening your impact. From enhancing communication to revolutionizing community engagement, this challenge is your first step towards a future where technology empowers faith.



In this 3-Day Transform Your Ministry with AI Challenge, you will get LIVE BEST-IN-CLASS TRAINING valued at $497ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE 

Starting on February 5th, 2024

Engage in the 'Transform Your Ministry with AI Challenge' for an Opportunity to Win a Customized GPT for Your Church – a $564 Value, Gifted to You!

Don't miss out on the chance to bring the cutting-edge power of AI directly into the heart of your ministry. With this bespoke GPT, tailor-made to meet the unique needs of your congregation, the way you engage, inspire, and lead can evolve to new heights.

Special Challenge Bonus:

When you register today for the FREE 'Transform Your Ministry with AI Challenge', you will get immediate access to this bonus

Bonus #1: 

The Church Leader's ChatGPT Cheat Sheet

  • Custom AI Guidance: Receive personalized assistance from ChatGPT tailored for your unique role within your church community
  • Effortless Task Management: ChatGPT helps streamline daily tasks such as sermon preparation, event planning, and community outreach with ease
  • Engagement & Growth: Utilize advanced prompts to deepen member engagement, enhance community relations, and grow your ministry's presence
  • Strategic Planning: Leverage AI to analyze feedback, optimize your church's finances, and resolve conflicts using Biblical principles  


Envision a future where your staff's efficiency and productivity soar, delivering higher quality work in less time. The 'Transform Your Ministry with AI Challenge' will show you how to harness AI to lighten your load, leaving you free to focus on what truly matters — your mission


What will I learn in the 'Transform Your Ministry with AI Challenge'?
You'll discover how to leverage AI to streamline church operations, enhance community engagement, and amplify your ministry's impact. We'll cover everything from basic AI concepts to advanced tools like ChatGPT.
Do I need to be tech-savvy to benefit from this challenge?
Not at all. The challenge is designed for all skill levels, and we'll guide you through each step. All you need is a willingness to learn and an internet connection.
What kind of results can my ministry expect after the challenge?
Expect to walk away with practical AI tools and strategies that can make your daily tasks more efficient, your staff more productive, and your ministry's outreach more impactful.
Are there any prerequisites or technology requirements for the challenge?
No prerequisites are required. However, we recommend signing up for a ChatGPT Plus account after the first day to fully utilize the tools we'll introduce.
How much time should I allocate to the challenge each day?
The live training will be about an hour each day, with additional practical homework designed to prepare you for the next session. If you can't attend live, recordings will be provided.
Is this challenge really free? What’s the catch?
Yes, we'll have Q&A sessions and provide support for applying what you've learned to your ministry's unique context.
How does AI align with the values and mission of my church?
AI is a tool that, when used ethically and thoughtfully, can enhance how we fulfill our mission by removing mundane tasks and creating space for more meaningful work.
What happens after the challenge? Will there be ongoing support for implementing AI?
Post-challenge, we offer a masterclass with ongoing support, updates, and community discussions to ensure your ministry continues to benefit from AI advancements.
Can my entire church staff join the challenge, or is it just for leaders?
We encourage both leaders and staff to participate. The training is structured to be beneficial for entire teams, fostering a collaborative learning experience.
Will I receive direct support for questions specific to my ministry during the challenge?
Yes, we'll have Q&A sessions and provide support for applying what you've learned to your ministry's unique context.

"Embracing AI in our ministry has not only revolutionized our outreach but has given us the ability to touch more lives with grace and efficiency. The 'Transform Your Ministry with AI Challenge' is more than just a learning experience; it's the gateway to your ministry's future."


Meet Your Host


  • Innovative AI Visionary: As the Chief AI Officer at Church AI Group, I'm dedicated to bridging the gap between advanced technology and daily ministry work.
  • Trusted by Leaders: With over 40 custom GPTs developed for pastors and churches, my work is at the forefront of revolutionizing church operations and community outreach.
  • Strategic Advisor: I've had the privilege of coaching prominent church leaders nationwide, guiding them through the integration of AI into their ministry practices.
  • Diverse Expertise: My background spans marketing, sales, technology, and copywriting, allowing me to offer a well-rounded perspective on how AI can serve the heart of your ministry.

Your Gain, No Pain Guarantee

Join the 'Transform Your Ministry with AI Challenge' absolutely risk-free. Even if you discover it’s not what you were seeking, you'll still walk away enriched with our exclusive one-page ChatGPT Cheat Sheet for Church Leaders. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to win a custom GPT tailored for your church — a $564 value — in our giveaway. With no cost to join and knowledge to gain, what do you have to lose? Seize this no-risk opportunity to revolutionize your ministry.

“Thanks to the 'Transform Your Ministry with AI Challenge', our church has seen a tangible shift in how we connect with our community and streamline our operations. It’s a game-changer.” 
- Pastor Michael J.

“I was hesitant about the tech aspect, but this challenge made it so accessible. Our ministry's reach has grown, and my team is empowered to do more meaningful work.” 
- Reverend Sarah L.

"The Transform Your Ministry with AI Challenge opened our eyes to the possibilities of tech in our community work. It's like we've unlocked a whole new way to connect and serve!"

- name of person

"Warren's insights into AI have revolutionized the way we approach ministry. His coaching has been pivotal for our leadership team, and my staff has never been this productive and efficient in my 13+ years."

- name of person

"As a pastor, I've seen a lot of 'next big things,' but the custom GPTs that Warren helped us implement are truly game-changers. They've brought efficiency and innovation to our church."

- name of person


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Dear Church Leaders,

Imagine a ministry where your staff's efficiency is not just doubled, but their work quality is elevated, allowing you to truly lead and inspire your congregation. This isn't a distant dream; it's the very real potential of integrating AI into your ministry practices.

The 'Transform Your Ministry with AI Challenge' is designed to do just that. Over the course of this engaging, free challenge, you'll be taken on a journey through the possibilities of technology, tailored specifically for the unique needs of your church. We’re not talking about impersonal tech solutions here, but a transformative tool that will amplify your ministry's reach, deepen its impact, and most importantly, free you to focus on what you're truly called to do—lead with vision and passion.

What you'll gain:

- Insight into cutting-edge AI: We'll demystify the tech and show you how accessible it can be.
- Practical skills: Forget overwhelming jargon; you'll learn practical applications that you can implement immediately.
- A multiplied ministry: With AI handling the repetitive tasks, your staff can focus on what they do best—ministering to your community.
- Peace of mind: With more work done in less time, you can rest easy knowing your church is thriving and growing efficiently.

This is your invitation to step into a new era of church leadership. By the end of our time together, you'll not only have a comprehensive understanding of how AI can serve your mission but also have a custom GPT tailored to your ministry's needs. And the best part? It's completely free to join—your investment is simply the willingness to embrace innovation.

So, what do you have to lose? At the very least, you'll walk away with a valuable one-page cheat sheet and the chance to win a custom GPT for your church. At best, you'll transform the way your ministry operates forever.

Take the leap. Embrace the future. Transform your ministry.

Click the button below join us on this revolutionary journey. Let's pave the way to a future where technology serves faith, and faith leads the community.

Warm regards,

~ Warren T. Hoover
Chief AI Officer, Church AI Group

P.S. You’re not just signing up for a challenge; you’re stepping towards a future where your leadership is empowered by efficiency, quality, and innovation. Let's make it happen together.


For A LIMITED TIME Get FREE Access To The Transform Your Ministry With AI Challenge Training Starting February 5th, 2024 and INSTANT-ACCESS to The Church Leader's ChatGPT Cheat Sheet
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